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Cap Cana Real Estate: Apartments, Villas and Farallon Estates

In this section you will find real estate for sale in Cap Cana at the east coast of the Dominican Republic. Cap Cana is the largest Caribbean destination with the largest inland marina. We have apartments, villas and the famous Donald Trump Farallon Estates for sale.

We have several special offers for sale in Cap Cana. Cap Cana real estate opportunities. Cap Cana is next to Punta Cana and the international airport from Punta Cana is just minutes away. Cap Cana has all kind of activities and shopping and restaurant facilities. Word famous golf courses and hotels.

We have apartments for sale, land and villas in Cap Cana.

Our Listings in Cap Cana Real Esta for sale

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Luxury Villa for sale in Tortuga Bay Cap Cana, Suite Cap Cana
Cap Cana Cap Cana 10,000 sq. ft. APARTMENT $3,950,000 USD
36 photos
Cap Cana Punta Cayuco #1
Cap Cana Cap Cana 867 sq. m."9,329 SF" 2 Story $3,850,000 USD
13 photos
Cap Cana Yarari
Punta Cana Cap Cana 700 sq. m."7,532 SF" 2 Story $2,200,000 USD
33 photos
Cap Cana Las Lagunas 33
Punta Cana Cap Cana 471 sq. m."5,068 SF" 2 Story $1,600,000 USD
15 photos
Cap Cana AquaMarina
Cap Cana Aquamarina 280 sq. m."3,012 SF" Apartment $950,000 USD
26 photos
Cap Cana Founders
Cap Cana Cap Cana 320 sq. m."3,443 SF" Apartment $825,000 USD
31 photos
Cap Cana Aquamarina
Punta Cana Cap Cana 252 sq. m."2,711 SF" Apartment $740,000 USD
23 photos
Cap Cana AquaMarina
Punta Cana Cap Cana 219 sq. m."2,356 SF" Apartment $689,000 USD
42 photos
Cap Cana Golden Bear Lodge
Punta Cana Cap Cana 200 sq. m."2,153 SF + 538 SF Terrace" Apartment $575,000 USD
17 photos
Cap Cana Aquamarina
Cap Cana Cap Cana 229 sq. m."2,464 SF" Apartment $575,000 USD
36 photos
Cap Cana Aquamarina
Punta Cana Cap Cana 191 sq. m."2,055 SF" Apartment $450,000 USD
36 photos
Cap Cana SotoGrande
Cap Cana Cap Cana Apartment $450,000 USD
8 photos
Cap Cana Las Palmas
Cap Cana Cap Cana 1,200 sq. m."12,912 SF" Lot / Land $299,000 USD
42 photos
Cap Cana Golden Bear Lodge
Punta Cana Cap Cana 83 sq. m."893 SF" Apartment $250,000 USD
9 photos
Delux apartment for sale in Cap Cana, Punta Cana
Punta Cana Ciudad Las Canas 97 sq. m."excellent size for one bedroom apt" Apartment $140,000 USD