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Las Terrenas, looking for a beachy lifestyle...


Las Terrenas and Samana is becoming the NEW hotspot from the Caribbean. International eyes are watching to this small pearl in the Caribbean. 

Samana real estate is booming and is the most wanted part in the Caribbean for apartments and condos, golf properties. 

Large beachfront properties with miles and miles beachfront. Las Terrenas is located at Samana and is the only location where you can actually walk miles and miles along the beaches. Here is the place to look around for that beachfront villa or beachfront land where to build your dream villa. Las Galeras real estate: here and in Samana we offer very cheap land for sale.

Dominican Republic Homes For Sale: we have them and we can assist you in your search or that home in the Dominican Republic. Our database has many homes and houses for sale in the Dominican Republic.

Whether you are buying or selling a home or land in the Dominican Republic, we want to earn your business. Feel invited to contact me as I'd be happy to assist and advise you.

Questions about your real estate investment in the Dominican Republic? I can help. Just give me a call at 1 829 380 0020 or mail me at 

And, 15 years of experience in Las Terrenas. So we really know every corner and stone here in Las Terrenas.